Engaz CRM

ALL in one for real estate

Use the easiest CRM for real estate in MENA, which provides you with reports and simplify follow-ups on your sales team.

why choose ENGAZ CRM ?

ENGAZ is built to help you focus

Stay on top of everything

Choosing your CRM is like getting married

All-in-one real estate CRM

Use an easy-to-use CRM system for real estate in MENA that provides you with reports and simplifies follow-up processes for your sales team.

Capture more leads and have total visibility on where they’re at in your pipeline. You’ll be able to nature prospects with personalized, relevant information over time, building up individual rapport and trust in your firm. lead qualification and lead scoring helps you focus on the right leads to maximize conversations.

Maintain drip campaigns

Manage and maintain all of your drip campaigns from one dashboard build your email lists for drip marketing campaigns through your CRM’s contact database, and move leads through your pipeline faster with more conversations.

Enhance follow-ups

Develop tried-and-true follow-up sequences and share them with other team members for more deals closed.

Track the whole workflow

Enhance employee productivity

Real estate CRM lets you create a shared knowledge base, establish best practice repeatable workflows, and gain frictionless communication between team members Sales Team, Marketing team, Sales service team.

With the ability to identify areas that need attention, and shift team members to new tasks accordingly, you’ll be on track to meet annual quotas.

Collaborate better

There are lot of feature insight

Mobile APP

Enjoy working anywhere, anytime by using the mobile APP, Android & IOS.

You Can add Projects

Help your team to know project details and all updates.

Managing units

Managing units, you can manage units through an integrated system that enables you to show unit data, images and their location, and also send unit details to customers.

Now you need Engaz CRM customized for real estate companies

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